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Absorbine Fungasol Fungal Treatment Horse Spray, 22-oz bottle

Absorbine Fungasol Fungal Treatment Horse Spray, 22-oz bottle

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Time to say good-bye to fungi with Fungasol Fungal Treatment Horse Spray! This gentle water-based spray includes Biopolysan—a patented coconut-derived booster ingredient that helps improves efficacy—and tea tree oil to help treat various skin conditions. A go-to product for a number of skin ailments including rain rot, dry skin, bacterial wounds and ringworm, Horse Spray is formulated to penetrate thick coats. It’s neigh-thing tricky to use—simply spray it on, concentrating on infected areas.

Key Benefits
  • Water-based spray penetrates thick coats.
  • Patented Biopolysan is designed to boost the effectiveness of the formula.
  • Aids in fighting various conditions like rain rot, dry, flaky skin, wound bacteria, girth itch, dew poisoning, pastern dermatitis and ringworm.
  • Helps soothe tail itching and rubbing.
  • Made in the USA.