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Black Oil Sunflower Seeds
Black Oil Sunflower Seeds
Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

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When compared to striped sunflower seeds, black oil seeds are meatier and have a higher oil content, giving birds more nutrition and calories in every bite. Black oil seeds also have thinner shells, making them easier for small birds to crack.


With tasty Pesticide Free Premium Black Oil Sunflower Bird Food, you’ll have all of the birdie friends in your yard singing. This organically-produced birdseed made with none of the bad stuff––it’s non-GMO with no pesticides, residue or neonicotinoids, making it safe for birdies and pollinators alike. 

Key Benefits
  • Pollinator-friendly.
  • Free of pesticides and non-GMO.
  • Double cleaned and produced without synthetic fertilizers.
  • Attracts a wide variety of songbirds.
Not for human Consumption