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Cluck'N Sea Kelp 2lb Organic Chicken Kelp Meal

Cluck'N Sea Kelp 2lb Organic Chicken Kelp Meal

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Certified organic | artisan small batch | product of Canada | woman owned

No artificial colors | no flavor enhancers | no preservatives | no junk

Ingredients: Organic kelp meal

Cluck'n sea kelp™ is the easiest way to give a flock a big nutritional boost with a long list of added minerals and vitamins.  Excellent choice for modern backyard chicken farming. This supplement is known to promote beautiful golden-orange egg yolks and glossy plumage with added micro-nutrients. --the simple formula, 1/4 cup per 11 lbs of regular feed, makes it an easy addition to your flocks mealtime routine --

kelp meal granules can be fed to baby chicks as soon as they hatch --this Treats for Chickens product proudly comes from the icy cold waters of Canada and is packaged here in the USA.