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Ker Re-leve Sport Horse 44 lb

Ker Re-leve Sport Horse 44 lb

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Kentucky Equine Research's RE-LEVE® Sport is a completely fortified grain-free performance feed designed specifically for sport horses. This textured feed contains balanced omega fat sources and fiber-based carbohydrates for optimal performance.

Protein 12.5%
Fat 10%
NDF (Neutral Detergent Fiber) 30%
NSC ((Nonstructural Carbohydrates) 18%

Grain-free RE-LEVE Sport includes a unique blend of balanced energy sources to promote focus and consistent performance, including high-fiber energy sources such as beet pulp and soy hulls, stabilized rice bran, and a proprietary blend of oils. RE-LEVE Sport utilizes technology used to create RE-LEVE Original, but includes slightly more starch needed for physiologically normal sport horses.

Fortified with KER vitamin and mineral technology to support optimal performance, RE-LEVE Sport includes superior nutrient sources such as proteinated trace minerals, organic selenium, and highly bioavailable natural-source vitamin E for superior antioxidant protection.

Feeding Instructions
RE-LEVE® Sport is designed to be fed at 5-18 pounds per day depending on the intensity of the work, and size and body condition of the horse. When fed as directed, in combination with 1.0-1.5% of the horse’s body weight in good-quality forage, the diet will meet or exceed the horse’s KER-recommended daily nutrient intake. Always provide clean, fresh water and free-choice access to salt.