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Suncoast Pine Flake Shavings Kiln Dried Animal Bedding
Suncoast Pine Flake Shavings Kiln Dried Animal Bedding
Suncoast Pine Flake Shavings Kiln Dried Animal Bedding

Suncoast Pine Flake Shavings Kiln Dried Animal Bedding

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In 2001, SUNCOAST®was first to manufacture and provide pure pine shavings for animal

bedding in ULTRA compressed bales, using a state-of-the-art packaging technology.

 NO Wood waste or additives are ever used in our manufacturing process.

We only use logs from local timber suppliers who practice sustainable



The result was over whelming global approval and demand for our product.

This established SUNCOAST® Bedding pine shavings as the benchmark of the industry.

 In effect, we have positively changed the industry, and thereby improved the habitats for countless animals. These improvements resulted in what you know as your best possible choice in bedding.

 Popular with all equine disciplines and venues, demand has continued to grow throughout the livestock and poultry industry, as well as being a favorite choice of bedding to use for companion pets. Veterinarians, universities and laboratories appreciate the bio-secure nature of the product and depend on the reliability and consistency of SUNCOAST® Pine Shavings.

 DRY & ABSORBENT  SUNCOAST® Pine Shavings are high heat dried at a stage in the manufacturing process that produces a drier, more absorbent bedding product than typical kiln dried shavings. Because of this process, SUNCOAST® Shavings are more sanitary, more dry, more absorbent and have a very low moisture content making them also lighter in weight for easier handling.

  1. LOW DUST  Dust can cause inflammation of the nasal passages and throat, irritate the lungs, plug tear ducts and be potentially detrimental to animals' and caregivers' respiratory health. SUNCOAST® screens the shavings multiple times throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the lowest possible dust content.

  2. BETTER REST   SUNCOAST’s® lightweight, lofty shavings provide a soft comfortable cushion to promote the best cushion for rest and leg health.

  3. NATURAL SCENT Strong ammonia odors in a barn can stimulate allergic respiratory conditions, as well as be unpleasant. SUNCOAST’s® fresh pine scent helps to combat stall odors—naturally. No additives are ever used.