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One AC Horse Thermal Regulation Supplement 200 gram

One AC Horse Thermal Regulation Supplement 200 gram

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ONE AC® Thermal Regulation Supplement

ONE AC is not a cure for anhydrosis but has been shown to be effective if the problem is an imbalance of chemicals in your horses' brain to the nor-adrenaline/adrenaline complex. 200 gram (42 day supply). 


  • helps horses that can't sweat
  • helps thermal regulation

After 3 weeks, training and work can be continued.


  • l-tyrosine
  • choline bitartrate
  • niacin
  • pyrodoxine HCL
  • d-calcium pantothenate

Points to Remember: Strenuous training or work must be reduced to a minimum for 3 weeks if maximum results are to be achieved. Also walking to maintain muscle tone is suggested, but keep the heartbeat below 80 beats per minute.

Feed 1 tsp in the AM and PM per 1,100 lb body weight.