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Manna Pro Superworm Swarm Poultry Treat 30 oz Resealable Bag

Manna Pro Superworm Swarm Poultry Treat 30 oz Resealable Bag

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Manna Pro Superworm™ Swarm for Chickens and Wildbirds

  • Blend of Superworms, Black Soldier Fly Larvae & Beetles!
  • Natural Source of Entertainment
  • Provides Calcium & Fiber for your Flock
  • Great for Wild Birds
  • Superworms – Twice the Size of Mealworms!* *Compared to Manna Pro's Mealworm Munchies

At Manna Pro®, we believe in Nurturing Life™. Since 1985 with roots dating back to 1842, Manna Pro has been committed to providing high-quality, nutritionally wholesome feeds, supplements and treats to your flock at every stage of their lives. As a company comprised of animal lovers, we understand the desire to provide your flock with the very best. Our passion is happy, healthy pets and we are your trusted partner to provide just that. BIRDS LOVE BUGS, ESPECIALLY THE SUPER KIND! That’s why we have crafted Manna Pro Superworm™ Swarm. This poultry treat is a combination of three flock favorite insects and a natural way to reward your flock. Packed with protein, calcium & fiber, tossing out a handful of Superworm Swarm will deliver healthy and intuitive entertainment packed with nutrient rich benefits. Give your flock what they deserve, delight them with Manna Pro Superworm Swarm