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Vetrolin Liniment Invigorating Liniment 32 oz

Vetrolin Liniment Invigorating Liniment 32 oz

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Vetrolin® Liniment is formulated to help reduce minor stiffness, soreness and inflammation in horses. This invigorating, aromatic liniment has a hint of green soap and five essential oils. It helps stimulate blood flow to sore fetlocks, knees and tendons and makes a refreshing body brace when diluted with water. Quart.

Vetrolin® Linimentå

Ingredients:Alcohol, Water, Green soap, Camphor, Oil of Sassafras, Oil of spike, Methyl Salicylate, Oil of cederwood, Oil of rosemary, Oil of thyme

Recommended dilutions:
Body Wash: Dilute 1 ounce with 1 quart of warm water

Brace: Dilute 4 ounces with 1 quart of warm water. Apply freely and rub briskly. May be used full strength